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Product Summary

The KCH-21R ia a speaker microphone with a full-featured control head, which enables one-hand operation of PTT, volume and channel selection. Designed to be used with the KENWOOD NEXEDGE® NX-5000 Series mobiles, the control head's large, bright 1.74" LCD display makes it easy to do at-a-glance status checks. The 14-character full-color display has 5 lines for customizable menus and icons and the 7-color LED display at the top of the unit can be used for quick visual alerts, even in low light and high noise environments. The KCH-21R has built-in Bluetooth® with HSP (headset) and SPP (serial port) profiles and a powerful built-in speaker with 1W output, supported by active noise reduction.

The KCH-21R was designed in collaboration with our fire service and police customers who asked us for easy, intuitive one-hand operation. Our public safety customers also wanted to be able to remotely control multiple NX-5000 Series RF decks, which many of our customers use in their vehicles to enable full tri-band receive and transmit.


  • Speaker microphone with full-featured control head
  • Handheld design offers one-handed operation of PTT, volume and channel selection
  • Designed to work with the NX-5000 Series mobile radios using Control Head Remote Kit
  • Intuitive operation similar to that of the KCH-19 and KCH-20R control heads


  • Built-in speaker with 1 W output
  • Active noise reduction for a single microphone enabled by DSP on the radio
  • 3.5mm-diameter earphone jack on the bottom


  • Large 1.74-inch TFT/transflective LCD for at-a-glance operational status checking
  • Intuitive GUI - 14-character full-color display with 5 lines for menus and icons
  • 7-color programmable LED located at the top for easy recognition


  • Multi-head/Multi-deck Configuration
  • Built-in Bluetooth® with HSP (headset) and SPP (serial port) profiles
  • Data interface for radio programming, keyloading and data I/O
  • Optional adapter for the RF Deck (KRK-15BM Control Head Remote Kit) is required
  • for connection to the mobile radio


  • Intuitive graphical UI is used even for the selection of multiple RF decks.
  • Dual Remote Control Heads x Multi RF Decks
  • Dual Remote Control Heads x Single RF Deck

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