High Country Communications, Inc.


High Country Communications, Inc. provides RF radio system design and integration solutions to public safety, municipal and commercial organizations in North Carolina and Tennessee. Solutions that are provided include mobile and portable radio and dispatch systems, E-911 communications center systems integration and maintenance, and single site and wide area mobile communications and data solutions.

High Country Communications is long on experience. Chris Bertolini, an industry professional with over 25 years experience in the land mobile industry, opened the company after serving in the United States Marine Corps and working in the avionics and land mobile radio industries in Charlotte, NC. His projects of note include the deployment of a five site multi-cast radio system for Mountain Electric Cooperative covering their service area in Tennessee and North Carolina, a county wide simulcasted conventional system for all public safety agencies in Avery County, NC, (five sites with 3 channels) and in Ashe County, NC, (three sites with 3 channels), and a four site high speed simulcasted digital paging system for Appalachian Regional Healthcare Systems which covers several counties and hospital campuses.

High Country Communications prides itself on being able to design and implement solutions for its customers that require open minded collaboration and goal driven undertakings. One example was the design and implementation of a public safety monitoring system for radio communication that allowed E-911 centers and fire departments within a particular jurisdiction to lower their state rating levels. The NFPA requirement for this system was very stringent and had not successfully and fully been complied with in any other county in North Carolina. High Country Communications’ solution not only allowed the ratings to be lowered, thus significantly saving the taxpayers money spent on their insurance payments, but also was embraced by the inspector staff of the North Carolina Fire Marshal’s office as a model to other agencies across the state.

High Country Communications maintains two-state-of-the-art component level repair facilities that are staffed with FCC certified technicians. Our technical staff provides 24 hour maintenance services to its customers, installation of mobile radio equipment, system deployment and commissioning, as well as a host of other services such as programming and assistance to self maintained end users. Our sales staff includes professionals located in North Carolina and Tennessee.

High Country Communications was one of the first in the country to deploy a trunking system using the LTR protocol in the UHF 450-470 MHz band and owns and operates the premier commercial mobile dispatch system in northwestern North Carolina. High Country Communications, through its network of trunking and conventional commercial radio systems provides dispatch radio service for public and private entities in NW North Carolina and NE Tennessee.

High Country Communications is privileged to be one of the companies in the United States to be awarded a full line dealership from Kenwood Communications, one of the leading radio communications manufacturers in the world. High Country Communications was also one of the first in the United States to be certified as a dealer for Tait Radio Communications, which is the premier provider of DMR Tier 3 digital radi systems, and conventional simulcasted radio system utilizing its patented quasi-synchronous method of achieving stability in simulcasted radio transmissions. Among its satisfied customers are Appalachian State University, Avery County E-911 Communications, the State of North Carolina, Rutherford Electric Membership Cooperative, Carter County TN Sheriff’s Department, Catawba County EMS, NC Central University, Mountain Electric Cooperative, Samaritan's Purse, and Appalachian Regional Healthcare Systems.

Our many years of deploying quality radio dispatch and associated systems has allowed us to gain the trust and confidence of our customers and suppliers alike, and puts us in the position to be unequaled in our ability to provide the best solutions for our customer's needs, today and well into the future.